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Surgical Termination

The procedure

Surgical termination takes approximately 5–10 minutes to perform; however, the total time in the clinic will vary between 2-4 hours to allow for the anaesthetic to take effect and wear off. The procedure works by gently inserting a speculum, the instrument used during a Pap Smear. The cervix is then gently opened to allow the uterus contents to be removed.

If the pregnancy is between 12 and 16-weeks’ gestation, Misoprostol tablets are given prior to the procedure to assist in softening and dilating of the cervix, as well as initiating contractions. The uterine cavity is then checked after the procedure to ensure that it is empty.

With surgical termination, no surgical incisions are required.

Is this for me?

Consistent with current legislation, in Queensland, a registered medical practitioner may perform a lawful termination on the request of a woman, who is not more than 22 weeks pregnant.

At Greenslopes Day Surgery, we perform Terminations up to 15weeks plus 6 days only.

Here are some of our most ask questions:

Here are some of our most Frequently asked questions

How do I book a surgical termination?

Please book online or contact us, and we will send you all the relevant forms. On arrival, our nursing staff will orientate you and take some observations like your blood pressure, followed by an anaesthetist and doctor consultation to discuss your situation and any future contraception options.

Do I need a letter from my GP?

Although it’s not required, if you have a letter from your GP, ultrasound scan or blood test results, please bring these with you on the day for your doctor’s consultation. Our doctor will answer any questions you may have before the procedure.

What happens after the procedure?

You will usually spend around an hour in the recovery room where our nurses monitor your recovery and ensure that you are feeling well, with some light snacks and water. We will contact your nominated carer who will watch you for the first 24-hours after your anaesthetic.

How much does the procedure cost?

Most procedures start at $450. If you have private health insurance, we will check your cover when you make an appointment. Please just note: You cannot claim a hospital visit rebate as you will not be admitted as a patient. With Medicare, we will process the rebate for you. If you do not have Australian cover, please contact us to discuss the best option.

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